Work For Alpha

Want to become an Alpha Driver?

If you want to become an Alpha driver we will guide you every step of the way, whether you already have your taxi driver’s badge, or if you haven’t got it yet. We can also apply for funding for the whole badge process. Simply decide which route you want to take and then click the arrow to follow the steps:


Not Yet Badged?

If you’re not yet badged, that’s no problem. Here’s all the information you need to become an Alpha driver.

  • You need to have held your full UK driving licence for 1 year to become a driver.
  • Before applying to become a driver please check your driving licence is in your current address. If your licence is in a previous address, then please contact the DVLA to update your address on your driving licence.  Visit:
  • You can drive for Alpha with a Liverpool, Knowsley or Sefton licence.
  • Decide which council borough you want to have your licence with, then please click the relevant button below and follow the steps for the borough you want to hold your licence with.


Already Badged?

If you are already Badged in Liverpool, Sefton or Knowsley you can start work for Alpha now.

  • Get 8 weeks HALF PRICE SETTLE
  • Apply online now and we’ll contact you
  • Or call us on 0151 545 2028 or 07507 213096


Funded Courses

We can apply for funding for the whole badge process.

The third-party funder will determine who meets their criteria and whether the applicant can be funded or not.

Please note this course takes a little longer to complete due to the funding requirements.